3d art routing

CNC routers provide an economical way to produce low volume copies of 3D designs (under a few hundred pieces).  If the piece can be cut with a tool working from one direction, a 3 axis router can do the job.  3 axis CNC routers are the most common.  Frequently the pieces can be flipped over to make cuts from the opposite side, but  more complex pieces will require a 5 axis router.

If the product was created using 3D software such as Rhino or one of many engineering packages such as Solidworks or Autocad or ProEngineer, it is straight forward to create a file to control the CNC router. For an explanation of the code that controls most CNC routers, see  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G-code

If you created a physical sample first in wood, or clay or plastic, then you need to create a computer model from the physical sample.  This is accomplished with a laser scanner or a mechanical probe that touches the surface at many points.  For the artist, the most economical solution is to find a service that can do this for you.

Rhinoceros The New Rhino 4 CAD software can produce drawings for your cam work evan faster than before, give a 3D simulation of what the product will look like so you can show your clients.

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3d art routing
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3d art routing

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