clear polycarbonate pipe


Polycarbonate pipes are transparent, resistant to impact, and can be used for many compounds, including food products, petroleum lubricants and fuels, and selected low concentration acids and bases.  Polycarbonate is attacked by many solvents, so a check of compatibility is very important.

A possible source for compatibility information is:

Polycarbonate pipe is fabricated either by extrusion or by forming sheet material and welding the seam.  Extruded polycarbonate pipe is much stronger than formed polycarbonate pipe but formed polycarbonate is the product of choice when:

  • Only low pressure is involved
  • The diameter is larger that the available extrusions
  • The quantity required is small
  • The impact strength of polycarbonate is important.


Polyfab uses extruded polycarbonate pipe in many fabrications but we do not manufacture it.

We roll custom polycarbonate pipes,  cylinders and cones for  many applications including food handling using FDA approved materials, experimental apparatus for petroleum and biotech applications.

Clear Polycarbonate Pipe

Contactor experimental apparatus designed by Chevron Chemical Company and manufactured for the University of Oklahoma. The stainless steel internal structure was fabricated by others.


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Clear Polycarbonate Pipe Please Contact Us to discuss your clear polycarbonate pipe needs. You design it, we build it.

clear polycarbonate pipe

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