curved acrylic panels


Prismatic acrylic panels (described earlier in Solar Control section) also work on the principle of refraction to redirect incident sunlight. The panels are serrated on one side forming prisms or sawtooth linear grooves across the face of the panel. The angles of two sides of the prism are engineered to block certain angles of sunlight and refract and transmit others. For some designs, one or both surfaces of the prism is coated with a high-reflectance aluminum film. The panels should be applied to the exterior of the building and should be adjusted seasonally to compensate for the variation in solar altitude. Holographic optical elements (HOE) use the principle of diffraction to redirect sunlight. An interference pattern of any specification can be printed/stamped on a transparent film or glass substrate, then laminated between two panes of glass. Diffractive optical efficiency tends to be poor, but may improve as the technology is developed. The HOE technology is in a demonstration phase in Germany.

Sun-directing glass are long, slightly curved sections of glass that are stacked and placed between panes of glass. The refractive index of glass is again combined with geometry to redirect sunlight to the ceiling plane.

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curved acrylic panels

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